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Christmas is for giving (Part I):
Help carriage horses in Jaipur (India) with purchasing a Marwari calendar



Riding in India“ does not only organize photo sessions and horse safaris, they also want to improve the conditions for local working horses. In India horses are often used as carriage horses to transport goods and people. They are the major income for a lot of locals, and yet they earn too little to properly take care of the horses. Still the people depend on the animals to provide for their families. We don’t believe in taking away (or buying off) the horses, because it would create new problems and we would take away the only way people can feed their loved ones. Instead „Riding in India“ wants to improve the life of these horses with food and medicine to create a better environment on a longterm basis. Often they suffer from wounds by unsuitable or old harnesses and are covered with other injuries that need to be treated. „Riding in India“ works with local people in the area of Jaipur.



Carina visited „Riding in India“ a few weeks ago and created photos of their Marwari in several locations around Rhajastan. She witnessed the situation of carriage horses, saw their injuries and agreed to take action to help them. With the purchase of a calendar you give „Riding in India“ the chance to help the carriage horses and provide them with needed medicine and proper food. All profit of the calendars will be donated to this cause.

All profit will be donated to help carriage horses in Jaipur

DIN A4 landscape format (29cm x 21cm)
More than 13 unique photos of Carina's trip to India, printed on 250g matte paper

20 € per piece

Shipping worldwide!

(Shipping: Germany: 6 €, Europe 10 €, elsewhere/world: 15 €)

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